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I’m Wendy May Andrews (also known as W. M. Andrews). I learned to read when I was four or five and have been in love with words ever since. I will read anything – signs, posters, newspapers, magazines, books, the cereal box… I have been writing almost as long as I could read, but it wasn’t until recently that anyone other than my mother was seeing my stories. The first book I ever wrote, Tempting the Earl, was actually prompted by a dare from my husband. Who’d have thought it would result in a new career?

So far, all of my books have been Sweet Historical Romances set in either Regency era, England, or nineteenth century Midwest. There is usually an element of intrigue or suspense and always a happy, sigh-worthy ending. While my stories are fiction, they are historically accurate. I love all the research that entails! I never have “real life” people in my books. But they might sometimes be friends of friends. For example in The Duke Conspiracy and The Countess Intrigue, the villain is friends with Tallyrand, a real life person.

I’ve recently added uplifting, contemporary Women’s Fiction into my list of books with the Cape Avalon series. These are set on a fictional island that I imagine to be similar to Cape Cod or Long Island – beachy, sort of close to a large city, but its own separate existence. It has been a pleasure writing in the modern day with the various angsty problems that entails. But still, my characters grow and develop to a satisfying conclusion.

I live in Toronto with my own real-life hero. I almost named the hero in one of my books, The Debutante Bride, after my husband, but changed his name at the last minute. I haven’t yet written a character that I am ready to name after my hubby. I am absolutely convinced that being an author is the best job ever. But when I’m not writing, or reading we love to travel. I also make an effort not to get writer’s butt so I try to stay active. Fortunately, Toronto is a very green city with many parks and trails to explore.

Since becoming a published author I have become active online and would love to be in touch with you on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Or, if you’d like, you can send me a message using the "Email me" button.

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